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Travel For All Guide

Travel For All aims to become a TripAdvisor for Accessible & Inclusive Travel, incorporating a community & providing detailed accessibility information. Travellers will have access to trusted, verified & complete information to plan, book & experience accessible travel with confidence. The company has the ambition to 1) offer comprehensive accessibility information through self and verified assessment; authenticated user reviews and operator/staff training, 2) become a worldwide mainstream marketplace offering inbuilt accessibility travel information for all and not purely a niche site for wheelchairs and 3) provide a marketing tool to tourism operators that they can use on all their other platforms as well.

About the practice at a glance
Name of OrganisationTravel For All
Type of organisationA startup company, A social business
of Implementation
Year started2020
Funding modelThese are the revenue streams they plan to incorporate:

• Annual subscriptions from all businesses to create, host & maintain/edit their accessibility statements;
• Verification fees for verified listings
• Training & consultancy services
• Advertising & affiliate sales
• Commissions on bookings & tickets


Impact and growth 

The company is in start-up phase. As a first product and promotion tool it developed a free downloadable guide introducing operators to accessible tourism & the benefits to their business. They report that they have grown a large following on social media & email in relation to accessible travel enabling them to educate businesses and inspire & educate disabled travellers (Twitter: 31000 followers, 8000 linkedin connections, 6000 facebook friends).

They have worked with the World Heritage listed Port Arthur Historic Site as an early customer to create their extensive accessibility information statement. They have also created a training program for tourism & travel businesses & their staff in relation to disability awareness & attitudes. They are currently working with Port Arthur to create a tailored accessibility training program to deliver in person to their 80 staff including video recording of the training for future staff & other businesses.

Target group 
  • People with disabilities looking for inclusive and accessible travel experiences
  • Tourism Operators/businesses willing to improve and promote their accessible tourism offers


Travellers are spending huge amounts of time researching their travel; using unreliable and often out of date Street View information and gambling on unhelpful, meaningless statements such as “fully accessible”. Tourism businesses don’t know how to market to such travellers and meet their information requirements meaning people with access needs are frustrated, annoyed and often simply don’t book or spend as much as they otherwise would.

Target GroupActivityImpactIndicator
People with disabilities
and others with
Attracting them to join
our community and
discover travel and
tourism businesses that
meet their unique
personal needs and
enjoy using those
businesses like all other
members of society.
Letting them know about
the precise accessibility
and inclusion features,
facilities and services of
businesses so that they
can use and enjoy new
businesses that they
didn’t know would cater
to their unique
accessibility needs.
Apart from website visits,
usage, engagement on
social media, user
feedback and surveys
we have not formulated
a precise measurement
Owners and operators of
all businesses in the
travel and tourism sector
Educating them on the
issues of accessible and
inclusive tourism and
travel. How this is a very
large, growing and loyal
market sector, how they
can attract new
customers for their
business and how they
can give disabled people
the information they
want, in the format they
want and to ensure it is
accurate and reliable.
Ultimately we want to
attract them as users
and customers of Travel
For All to provide the
accessibility information
To have business
owners and operators
provide detailed,
accurate and reliable
information to all
potential customers who
have accessibility and
inclusion requirements
and to realise the
valuable economic
benefit of all these
people to their business
and that is a market
worth pursuing and
providing services to.
The number of
businesses listing on
Travel For All.


The solution is at start-up stage and has not been replicated yet. It is however part of the team’s strategy to internationalize the solution. The process still needs to be defined. They can imagine models such as branching, partnerships and collaboration with networks. They are already members of ENAT (European Network on Accessible Tourism) and could network far more intensely with its members in Europe.



Dale Reardon is one of the co-founders of Travel For All, himself and is extremely dedicated to achieving international expansion. Dale has considerable experience as a lawyer (Attorney at law) and has owned and operated tourism accommodation for 8.5 years. Dale has obtained quite a bit of publicity and exposure for this current venture and other previous disability organisations. Dale is the CEO and a director of the company and has full authority to handle this program. Dale is also a night time worker and enjoys working in the European time zone and is networked within the international WordPress community and the international disability community.


Team of two for the time being, hence will need to mobilize more financial and human resources to expand their work.


They wish to expand their startup project internationally – and to use the program to explore and find the right method. They are in a challenging situation because of the strict tourism regulations in Australia due to COVID. The situation however pushed them to think internationally from the start. They have an international audience of interested persons and supporters. Exploring the potential international scope of their work further and utilize the program as an opportunity to get in touch with potential investors from the US or Europe are their main incentives for participating.